Starting kits

2022 Autumn Starting Kit Handout Times

We are handing out the Starting Kits during the welcome week.
1.8.2022-21.8.2022 we have handout sessions for Starting Kits once a week.
22.8.2022-11.9.2022 we will have a handout session for Starting Kits three times a week.

After 11.9. regular bi-weekly opening hours start and if there are Starting Kits left, students can pick up the kits during these times.

The exact days of Starting Kit handout sessions will be announced late July/early August.

ESN FINT offers a lending service for household equipment for all international students at the City Center Campus!

There are two different sets that can be borrowed, as well as some extra items. A small service fee is charged for the starting kits (5€) in addition to the deposit (20€). The deposit is returned to the student completely once the items are returned in their initial condition (clean and dry). When returning the kit, we will inspect the set and deduct money from the deposit if necessary.

Utensils borrowing and returning sessions are organised usually at the beginning and the end of each semester. The dates are announced on our social media channels and on the website, follow us here. The sets are given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you arrive at any other time during the semester, you can come by during opening any opening hours!

Kitchen set

Content of the kitchen set

1x pot with lid
1x frying pan
3x plates (2 large, 1 small)
1x bowl
1x cup
1x glass
8x cutlery (2 forks, 2 knives, 2 spoons, 2 teaspoons)
1x sharp knife
1x peeler
3x cooking utensil (spatula, whisk, ladle)

Deposit: 20 € + service fee

Bedroom set

Content of the bedroom set

1x pillow
1x bed blanket
(+1x extra sofa blanket for thin-bed blankets)
1x pillow cover
1x blanket cover
1x bedsheet

Deposit: 20 € + service fee

We have only about 20 Bedroom Sets and therefore cannot promise everyone will get one. Kitchen Sets we have enough for everyone who needs one.

Service fee

Service fee: 5 €
All users of the utensil service will pay the fixed price of 5€ for the service. You may borrow only one of each set.

Example: A student borrows a kitchen and a bedroom set and pays 45€. At the end of their stay, the student returns both sets in good shape and receives 40 €.


  • Treat the utensils with care

  • We recommend to wash all items before the first use

  • Do not use metallic cutlery in Teflon-coated pots and pans (it will break the pan and eating Teflon is not healthy). Use wooden or plastic spatulas instead.

  • Use covers for pillows and blankets, as well as bed linen on the mattress

  • Before you return the items please clean them and make sure they are dry and grease-free

  • If the items are not cleaned properly we will not return the deposit!

Utensils returning sessions will be organised at the end of each semester. The dates will be announced on the website and our social media channels!