Starting kits

ESN FINT offers a lending service for household equipment for all international students at the City Center Campus!

There are two different sets that can be borrowed, as well as some extra items. A small service fee is charged for the starting kits (5€) in addition to the deposit (20€). The deposit is returned to the student completely once the items are returned in their initial condition (clean and dry). When returning the kit, we will inspect the set and deduct money from the deposit if necessary.

Utensils borrowing and returning sessions are organised available for pick-up during opening hours. At the beginning and end of the semester, extra opening hours are planned since the demand is higher, the dates and times can be found here. If we run out of starting kits, we will cancel the opening hours marked 'extra'.

Starting kits cannot be reserved! You can ask your tutor to pick up your starting kit if they are willing to do so, instructions can be found here. Starting kits are given out on a first-come first-served basis.

Kitchen set

Content of the kitchen set

1x pot with lid
1x frying pan
4x plates (2 large, 1 deep, 1 small)
1x bowl
1x cup, 1x mug
1x glass
8x cutlery (2 forks, 2 knives, 2 spoons, 2 teaspoons)
1x sharp knife, 1x small sharp knife
3x cooking utensil (spatula, whisk, ladle or 3 random utensils)

Deposit: 20 € + service fee

Bedroom set

Content of the bedroom set

1x pillow
1x bed blanket
1x pillow cover
1x blanket cover
1x bedsheet

Deposit: 20 € + service fee

Service fee

Service fee: 5 €
All users of the utensil service will pay the fixed price of 5€ for the service. You may borrow only one of each set.

Example: A student borrows a kitchen and a bedroom set and pays 45€. At the end of their stay, the student returns both sets in good shape and receives 40 €.

Returning the kit

The kits can be returned during any opening hours, of which the times can be found here. Make sure your set is complete, to get the full deposit back.


Utensils returning sessions will be organised at the end of each semester. The dates will be announced on the website and our social media channels!