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So you’re interested in joining us? Awesome!

As an official ESN FINT member, you get access to a lot of amazing Members Only advantages such as:

How to become a member?

We're super happy you'd like to join us!

To become a member, simply order your membership through! You can even become a member of ESN FINT as soon as you have your or email address, or a valid Finnish student card, or a valid Finnish student certificate.

Remember, that to be a member of ESN FINT you must be either a student or an intern in the Pirkanmaa region. We strongly recommend that you create your account with your or email address! If you do, we can easily verify that you're a student in Pirkanmaa.

If you've signed up to using your personal email-address, you'll have to verify your student or intern status. To do that, you can use the membership verification form or visiting us at the clubroom.

Are you ready? Join us through and become a part of a genuinely international family. 

The ESN card

After getting your membership through, you can get an ESNcard at the clubroom! To get one, you need to bring a passport-sized picture of yourself. 

The ESNcard shows that you're a member of the Erasmus Student Network, and gives you many benefits, such as a discount on our Timetravels trips and paid events, but also at many other places throughout Europe and beyond.

ESNcard discount examples

Important: To collect your ESNcard, you need to bring a passport-sized picture of yourself for us to put on the card. Without a picture, your card is not valid and we cannot give it out. This picture can be printed with any printer, and can be any picture you like - just make sure you're recognisable.

Heads up: Finnish nationals need to be active in the international community to be eligible for an ESNcard, please come by the clubroom if you have any questions about this!

Frequently asked questions

I've signed up as a member in the clubroom in 2021 or 2022, how do I use

You can convert your existing membership to easily! We've made a seperate page with instructions, which you can find here.

Do I need to verify my membership? How can I verify my membership?

If your email address ends in or, you do not need to verify your membership. If you signed up using your personal email address, like or, you need to verify your student status using the membership verification form.

You can check and change your email address on your profile page.

My membership is pending approval, what now?

Your membership is only activated an valid once we validated you're a student or intern. This can take a few days and we hope for your understanding - a human has to look at your application 😊. We will always verify student statuses before big events go on sale, but make sure you're on time with buying your membership! We ask you to only contact us to verify your membership if it has been more than 7 days since you've bought the membership, it's still inactive, and you haven't heard from us. Kiitos! 😊

My membership expires soon, what can I do?

You can buy a new membership before or after your current one ends. Just so you know; your information in our membership registry is automatically removed 21 days after your membership expires. If you buy a membership after this period, we may need to verify your student status again.

If you have any questions about our membership or on how to become a member, don't hesitate and send us a message! We're here to help you.