Privacy policy

All data is handled in accordance with Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Purpose for the Registry

Collected data is used by the ESN FINT to provide services for the data subject (member) from the moment the data subject has given consent to store them in the Registry. Services provided by ESNT FINT include but are not limited to:

- Facilitating members during their membership duration

- Training and recreational activities

- Safeguarding members’ interests

- Collecting feedback

- Information services

Data stored in the Registry

ESN FINT can store personal data concerning data subjects in the registry to facilitate aforementioned services, for example:

- First and last name

- Email address

- Home municipality/country

- Hometown

- Date of birth

- Home university

- Study place in Tampere

- Type of studies

- Timestamp for data entry

Data Retention

All Data is deleted once it becomes irrelevant to the services provided by the data controller to the data subject.

Data Transfer

No personal data will be transferred outside ESN FINT nor right to access provided to entities outside ESN FINT. Requests concerning data subject’s rights are to be made via get in touch.