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Give back to the international community, help out with ESN FINT!

In ESN FINT, we are a dynamic and open community that is always welcoming members to actively participate and make initiatives. We would be happy to have you in our team to benefit from your input and win you as a friend! 

We are still looking for board members for the 23/24 term, read more below!

What would you like to do?

There are three levels of positions: a board member, an officer, or an active member. All of them involve activity and decision-making in the team, but they differ in the extent of commitment. 

Volunteer for national events like PoBS


Board members take care of the everyday functions of the association. They are legally responsible and have a precise area of responsibility

Take part in organizing the biggest international party in Tampere, SYMPOSIUM


Officers are members of the association who help the board members with their tasks but have less responsibility

Get to know amazing people in other student organizations and build long-lasting relationships!


Actives help out occasionally at events or for projects. They only have responsibilities during their temporary tasks

Benefits of joining the active side of FINT

For everyone

As an officer

As a board member

We have board positions open for the 23/24 term!

After our last Spring General Meeting, we still have the following board positions open:



Events coordinator (1 of 2)

Board members are elected during the association's general meetings, the next one will be announced to our members through our communications channels.

Want to join, or do you have any questions?

For more details on anything, please don’t hesitate to ask, either a board member personally or through one of our contact options!

If you'd like to join the active side of ESN FINT, please hit one of us up at our events, opening hours or get in touch to talk about the details. There's always something to do, and we'd be super happy to have you on our team!

Join ESN Events such as the ESN Finland National assembly and meet tons of fellow ESNers! (Pictured here: NA Blooming in Jyväskylä)

Read more about the different positions here:

Board Positions

The treasurer keeps track of the finances of the association. They are responsible for paying and creating invoices, keeping track of the budget and creating legal financial documents.

The secretary writes and keeps track of meeting minutes. They may help with other document creation tasks, visuals, notice board, responding to email and creating presentations. They also keep track of the clubroom opening hours.

Events coordinators' tasks are to ensure regular and quality events. They lead the events committee and help them make their events ideas come to life. They plan, budget and promote events. They also contact other partners, such as other associations, to build collaborations on events. 

They are responsible for organizing the monthly party SYMPOSIUM in collaboration with INTO Tampere. They also develop further the collaborations between ESN FINT and other associations.

The local representative is the link between the different levels of ESN. They communicate between ESN International, ESN Finland and the local ESN FINT and keeps them updated. They attend the monthly call of sections of ESN Finland and represents ESN FINT at national and international events.

The PR responsible deals with the different orders of ESN FINT (overalls, patches, ESNcards etc.). They also work towards expanding the network of local partners and sponsors of the association. They also help with board and officers recruitment.

The social causes coordinator is responsible to maintain and develops initiatives regarding some of the six major causes of ESN (culture, health and well-being, education and youth, skills and employability, environmental sustainability and social inclusion). A current initiative is for example the starting kits projects, the recycling room in Lapinkaari or the Swap events.

The media responsible has the main responsibility over our communication. Their goal is to make our communications appealing, consistent and clear. They have the main responsibility over our communication channels (Instagram, Chats,, Website etc.). They also design visuals such as posters or events visuals.

Officer Positions

Here are some examples of positions available for officers, however anything is possible, and we can create a tailored position that fits your interest.


Media and communications 

Social Causes 

Other positions

Learn more about Finnish student culture by helping to organize iconic student events like sitsit!

Interested in joining? Don't hesitate and apply now! :)