Visit us at the clubroom

Opening hours

Opening hours may vary, please check the link below for planned opening hours.

Opening hours during Period 3:
Mondays: 17 - 18 (Check here)

Wednesdays: 13 - 14 (Check here)
Thursdays: 17 - 18 (Check here)

Extra opening hours, cancellations and updates can be found here

How to get there

The ESN FINT clubroom is located in the main building of the city center campus, in room number C07b. You can get there from the main lobby by entering the C-wing on the left side of the big staircase,  and following the corridor until you reach stairs on your left to the basement level, where our clubroom and storage are located. You can also reach us from outside, when the university is closed.

Contact us

For quick questions, you can always reach us on Instagram or Facebook Messenger. But of course, you can also reach us using the form below!

We don't speak Finnish so we appreciate it if you contact us in English! :)