arrrrr, are you a pirate?

Pirates of the Baltic Sea, the biggest and baddest cruise on the Baltic!

More than 2000 international students from all over Finland & the Baltics get on board our pirate ship and sail across to Baltic Sea to visit the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. But of course it's not just about where you're going - it's about how you are going to get there, so brace yourself and get ready to experience the true Finnish way of party-traveling, YARRR!

Experience two nights of insane partying aboard our ship

The cruise will take place on a massive boat that has several restaurants, cafes, and night clubs which guarantees you have places to choose from when eating and drinking. There is also a large tax free shop on the boat where you can go shop for cheap souvenirs or drinks. The tax free is open from the departure until the late evening. The 4-person sleeping cabins are equipped with bed sheets, towels, showers and toilet, everything you'd need for two nights!

What to expect

The performances on the cruise are by professional entertainment artists of the cruise company. It can be everything from powerful dance performances to touching ballade songs.

The optional activities on the other hand include talent show, a pub quiz, speed dating, karaoke... Anything you'd ever need to have an unforgettable cruise experience! And do not forget to take part in the cabin crawl, a group challenge where you race for fun challenges around the boat with your mates!

What the days looks like

Day 1 - Departure from Helsinki harbor around 17pm
Boat buffet (included in the price) and performances + optional activities until 22:00
Party until sunrise!

Day 2 - In Stockholm
Leaving the boat around 11:00
Free time in Stockholm until
17:00 (optional bus tour)

Day 2 - On the boat
Performances + optional activities on the boat until 22pm
Party until sunrise!

Day 3 - Arrival to Helsinki
We will arrive in the
harbor around 11:00

A list off all 40+ activities on the boat & ashore can be found at the Pirates of the Baltic Seas website.

Get your ticket!

More info and tickets are available through the PoBS website.

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