arrrrr, are you a pirate?

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Pirates of the Baltic Sea, the biggest and baddest cruise on the Baltic!

More than 2000 international students from all over Finland & the Baltics get on board our pirate ship and sail across to Baltic Sea to visit the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. But of course it's not just about where you're going - it's about how you are going to get there, so brace yourself and get ready to experience the true Finnish way of party-traveling, YARRR!

Experience two nights of insane partying aboard our ship

If you are seeking unforgettable experiences in nature far above the Arctic circle, Lofoten island is the place to visit! Wild Norwegian nature with its majestic mountains and picturesque fjords offers a perfect setting for an adventure in the land where Vikings once lived. Come to explore the world-famous Lofoten islands and it’s colourful fisher villages with Timetravels!