adventure trip to iceland

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Admire the beauty of Iceland

Come and explore the land of ice and fire! Iceland will show you landscapes that you have never seen before in the nordic nations. This small island in the middle of the Northern Atlantic is famous for its natural wonders. Check out the famous Golden Circle, relax in the Secret Lagoon, take pictures of breathtaking waterfalls, and walk around in the northernmost capital of the world! This tour is guided in English.

check iceland off your to-do list!


Timetravels offers many guided activities during this trip - check the actual sales page for up-to-date information.

Guided walk in Reykjavik

Shark Museum

Geothermal Baths

Icelandic Horse Farm

Elding Whale Watching

Iceland Bus Tour

how do i book?

Together with Timetravels, we organise the trip to Iceland every semester. The trip will become available after the start of the semester, so it might be that it's not showing now on our Timetravels page - but don't worry, they will, and we'll let you know when they are! Make sure you follow us to stay in the loop. Once they are planned, you'll find them at the link below.

Discount for ESN FINT Members!

With your ESN FINT membership, you'll always get a discount on our trips with Timetravels! The discount usually ranges from 20 € to 35 €. That means you'll only have to go on one trip to make back the membership fee, and then you'll still have access to all the other benefits & discounts of the ESNcard. How do I become a member?

What's included?

Accomodation and some activites are included - such as the guided walk and bus tour.

About Timetravels

Timetravels is a Finland based tour operator, which specializes in group travel in the nordics & baltics - and we've been partnering up for years.